Plantar Fasciitis and General Running Woes

My running outlook is looking grim again but I’m not completely despondent. I feel the opportunity for experimentation. The sort of experimentation that probably got me into this mess in the first place but blogging fodder nonetheless.

I’ve just been to see my latest running guru and as expected it has resulted in yet another path opening up to me. Another path for me to hobble along and bemoan the runners curse that is plantar fasciitis.

Why don’t experts ever agree?

Of late I’ve dabbled in normal running and then barefoot running of both the truly barefoot and the partially shod variety. I’ve crosstrained, army trained, occasionally weight trained and swung kettle bells to destruction.

Along the line I’ve taken my dose of injury from ITB, spondylolithesis and plantar fasciitis. It would be tempting to pin each ailment to the latest fad but my records are just not that clear.

Almost everyone else is happy to blame barefoot running for my latest spate of crippling PF and although I know it is not conclusive and despite suffering with PF before I discarded the shoes, I’m tempted to go with the crowd and abandon all hope of truly minimalist, pain free running.

Today’s guru was the podiatrist who told me my calves and backside are too weak for barefoot running and that I need to abandon the running school with its fore foot running focus, until I see some improvements in the pain level.

This all makes me feel a little glum.

She did instruct me to find a functional trainer for lower limb strength building and a pool for a spate of aqua jogging. Now that could be fun. Or highly embarrassing.

Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Plantar Fasciitis and General Running Woes

  1. abradypus

    Grim. I hope that your experiments lead to an improvement. Have you tried chirunning? It’s mid foot strike and aims to take lower legs out of the equation as far as is possible. I like what I know of it but can’t claim to be an expert.

  2. Catherine

    Interesting, I was also going to suggest Chi Running. After severe shin splints, I bought the book, and the mp3 from the chi running website, and just completed a half marathon injury free! It really is a revelation, Im a believer!!

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