The Square One Tavern Plan

My enforced rest from running was initiated by a trip to a pub.

Me and my good lady gathered around a couple of pints of Wandle, pulled out the Moleskin and jotted down a recovery plan to rid me of plantar fasciitis for good and set me right for my already deferred entry to the VLM.

The Plan allowed for 4 weeks of proper foot rest – icing, gentle stretching. It included core training sessions and a bit of cardio in the form of cycling. I have a feeling it might have mentioned a diet but I can’t remember that bit.

4 weeks came and went and I was still limping so I introduced yoga and ibuprofen.

Some 8 weeks of sitting on well endowed backside has had some effect though, an additional 5lbs of lard have been added somewhere and the feet are somewhat more springy – success and failure in equal measure.

Cue the next phase of The Plan – time for structured re-entry into the running world.

I think The Plan might have specified gentle walk/runs but somewhere between home and the start of the Wandle Trail I made the mistake of programming the Garmin. I felt heroic. I set the interval beeper to 5 mins run with 1 min walk – 20 of them! That is 2 hrs of hardcore running with a teeny bit of walking thrown in.

That 1 minute walk is pure torture no sooner has breathing calmed down sufficiently to swig water than the garmin beeps at you to start up again.

I’d happily have ignored it’s little beeps and followed the beat of my own drum but Lynn was with me and she’s not a quitter. I’m leaving her at home next time. I was shattered at the end.

I got home, slipped into my ice bucket and that was it for the next 36 hours.
Completely crippled again. I was forced to drag my sorry body around the house on my hands and knees and could only handle the upright position with the aid of my long discarded hiking poles.

Square one again.

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