Is there room in the world for yet another GPS iPhone app?

My iPhone is bulging at the seams with GPS apps that get used once and then discarded as nothing more than interesting battery drainers. I’ve worked my way through Runkeeper, Nike+ GPS, Adidas miCoach and more.

My view is that GPS is best restricted to a specific GPS device such as the Garmin Forerunner, the iPhone battery is just not up to the task. I’ve been out on 2-3hr runs only to find that as my body is packing up and my head is thinking its time to call for emergency backup the iPhone starts it’s plaintive beeping because the battery is dead. The fear of being left stranded at the end of a long run has been strong enough to keep me away from GPS iPhone apps.

Having said all that I’ve just been persuaded to squeeze yet another GPS app onto my page of running apps. The Audiofuel Running App seems to offer something different. If you are new to Audiofuel they prepare running tracks that are perfectly suited to your running needs, providing a range of beats that target a specific cadence range. I’ve got quite a few of their albums and despite preferring audiobooks and podcasts to run to, I often choose an audiofuel playlist when I need a bit of extra motivation.

Within the app you can select your skill range – beginner, intermediate and advanced which loosely equate to jogging, running and fast running and from there you can select either timed, interval or marathon sessions.

I’ve downloaded a selection of the shorter programs which are ideally suited to my mid week runs where battery life will not be a concern. My particular favourite so far is the Pyramid 180 interval training session which includes coaching – it’s a killer program but the beat and voice over is so inspiring that you can’t help picking up the intensity.

The app plays your selected program, records your GPS route and then enables you to brag about it on facebook and twitter. The social interaction is something that sets the iPhone apps apart from the forerunner and the output is quite impressive although I might prefer to keep my incredibly slow pace a secret from the world.

The app is new and they are offering an introductory 14 day free download trial with access to all their programs free of charge, after that period you get to keep two 20 minute sessions or sign up to their subscription service for more.

I’m very impressed with how well it’s put together and love the motivational aspect of their pricing strategy. I normally avoid subscription based apps but I think the pricing for this one is very fair – £0.69 for a week pass, £1.99 for a month (+ other options). They also offer an audiofuel credit system that means if you run with one program at least 25 times it becomes yours to keep even if your subscription lapses.

The next release of the app promises to acknowledge previous purchases of audiofuel tracks so you won’t have to pay for them again.

AudioFuel Running Music + GPS Run Tracker - AudioFuel