Cheated by my iPhone app, long runs and doughnut eating

I was grateful for the Audiofuel app this evening.

I’d geared up, taken myself outside into the late night drizzle only to hear the dying beep of a flat Forerunner. Thank goodness for the new app – I flicked to the pyramid interval session and set off for my hilly loops.

I was still pleased at the end when I checked the time and realised I’d clocked one of my fastest times for the triple circuit. I was a little less pleased when I got home and discovered that the GPS was completely shot, had cut short my route and had just shouted the worst pace ever to my facebook and twitter friends. I was robbed!

The pre-marathon, marathon training plan is going pretty well so far. Still too early to be feeling confident but I’m back up to 8k long runs and the aches and pains are manageable. I’ll soon be on to marathon training proper.

Having suggested I was going to follow the non-runners marathon trainer, I have since opted for the ever faithful Hal Higdon Novice marathon plan. I like the fact that it builds in some respite weeks, unlike the n-rmt which builds inexorably to D-day. The main reason for the change of plan though, was the discovery of a rather marvelous website that enabled me to transfer the Hal Higdon schedule directly to my Google calendar and thereby save me hours of typing dull session reminders. The internet is such a wonderful place.

While I’m sharing links, I’m also going to add a couple more.

I’ve recently come across a new running event concept called Trailblaze. It’s an endurance running event that can be tackled independently and at any time. It’s set up by a company called endurancelife who have installed a number of checkpoints along some of Britains best long distance trails. You sign up, receive a dongle and then run your chosen route. You run as far as you can, stick your dongle in the checkpoints and then compare your times and distances to the runners that have been before you. You get little coloured armbands when you complete certain stages so you can brag about your prowess.

Of course there’s nothing to stop you running these routes without paying for the privilige but I’m taken with the concept and have signed up to run part of the Thames Path and secure my own wrist band and a freebie t-shirt. Sounds like a good way to get in my long training runs.

Finally, have you heard all the fuss about the fitness trainer who has just spent the last 6 months stuffing his face with doughnuts in order to get really fat? He managed to hide his six-pack under about 70lbs of additional blubber and just this week has started on the next six month phase of his plan, to shed all the weight and get himself fit again. It’s called

It’s a dangerous game, seems a little foolhardy but I have to admit it’s a fascinating story and I’ve got myself hooked on his blog. If you’ve got any weight to lose, you may well find some inspiration here.



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  1. fortnightflo

    GRRR hate it when GPS app does that! I’ve opted for the Hal Higdon plan too (if I can ever get going) mainly because the long runs are a Saturday and the drop back weeks too. Good luck!

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