A Stella Run

I’ve practically turned teetotal.
Unfortunately for today’s run there is heavy emphasis on the word practically.

For a daily Stella swigger, practically teetotal currently equates to 4-5 alcohol free days. That is quite a turn around and a sign of my commitment to the challenge of the marathon.

Today was a break day. The start of a long weekend and the end of a tough week – the perfect conditions for a cool glass of amber nectar. 3 cans later, I remembered my commitment and dragged my sorry, squiffy, self out for my regular hilly loop of the neighbourhood.


I used to do this post bevvy run quite regularly but my body seems to have turned into a soft, squidgy temple. The last hill at 3k was an almighty great struggle and I felt every last drop of that beer sloshing around. I lost a minute off my pace but probably learned a good lesson about the benefits of abstinence during a training program.

Should any of you wish to encourage me to remain on the straight and narrow en-route to the London marathon, do feel free to provide some motivation by way of my Samaritans charity page. Thanks.

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