An Unexpected Bra Review

Bra manufacturers don’t tend to consider the H-cup lady as a partaker in high intensity, high impact sports and as a result you don’t tend to find a lot of bra reviews on the warriorwomen website.

Having said that, I was recently approached by SimplySweat who offered me a selection of sport bras for review, many of which fit into the category of “substantial” engineering.

I’ve just taken receipt of the Panache Sports Bra and it is an object to marvel at – it came with large wads of padding to maintain the stunning construction but I’m afraid my photo does not do it justice.

I’m impressed with manufacturers who “support” the larger lady and Panache have created something very special in this bra. Moving along the D to H cup range necessarily means a decline in sports bra options, I’ve previously been restricted to the Enell – super compression bra and the Shock Absorber Maximum support bra – it’s great to have some more choice.

Panache Sports Bra frontThe Panache bra is as substantial as the Enell contraption but lighter and more comfortable. The cups appear to have a thin layer of moulded foam which will prevent the friction grazes I experience with both of my other options. The well concealed underwire and moulding helps to maintain a shape so that the overall look is more appealing than the mono-boob effect of the Enell.

I was concerned that the Panache bra might hold quite a lot of moisture but I’ve just rattled off a 5k indoor treadmill run – the sweatiest workout option I have, and the bra is still comfortable 20 mins later so the wicking properties are as good as they are billed.

Panache Sports BraHaving scoured the website for action photos, I notice that the bra can be worn in true racer-back stylee. This is obviously optional as I didn’t even notice the additional clasp. I have to say I feel a little bit too trussed up with that fastened but it certainly reduces movement even further.

I’ll finish off with a quote from Panache – an homage to running boobs:

In sport, breasts are not assets.
But I’m not running away from mine.
They’ve been along for every heart-pounding, gut-wrenching mile.
And while they may not be as aerodynamic as some,
they’ll never slow me down.

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