Running Safely with ICE tags

Whenever I run around Mitcham Common my mind drifts off to sudden forms of death. It’s a lovely and often deserted place to run but there is something about the vegetation and the lay of the land that makes me think I am exposing myself to a greater risk of an early and unseemly demise.

I have jogged into the path of teenagers and pitbulls and still lived to tell the tale but I feel just a little more comfortable now that I run with my In Case of Emergency shoelace tags.

20120101-160004.jpgAndy from ICEtags sent me a couple to try out recently. Although they aren’t designed to protect you from from potential muggers they could prove to be invaluable in the event of an emergency.

I tend to run with quite a lot of trammel but as a rule runners are generally minimally clad and don’t have a lot of ID. Should the worst happen and you find yourself knocked over by a car or laid low by a rabid pitbull, the ICEtag is designed to alert the emergency services to your next of kin and any pre-existing medical conditions you may have.

Another brilliant feature is that for the same price of £4.95, ICEtags will produce a second tag that holds your parkrun barcode on it. I’d order it for the barcode alone – never again would I need to hunt around for my laminated paper copy.

Excellent value for money.

2 thoughts on “Running Safely with ICE tags

  1. Cassie

    Two posts in one day? During Janathon? You are keen aren’t you?

    I should really invest in some of these – I still bear the scars of my incredible towpath dive months ago. I go quite fainty when I fall (it happens more often than you’d think…) and I was very relieved to have Ginge with me when it happened. I’d be scuppered otherwise.

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