Barefoot Rowing

I was scheduled for another run this evening but after watching Biggest Loser UK and seeing myself get thrashed by one of the contestants over the 5k distance, I didn’t feel much in the mood for running.

20120104-222617.jpgI opted to row instead and as I’ve been reading about the new rage for barefoot and/or strapless rowing I thought I’d go back to my roots and give it go.

It’s supposed to hone your technique but maybe that requires you to have some to hone.

It turned me into rather a pants rower. Everything dropped – pace, power, stroke rate. I kept thrusting myself off the back of the machine.

Better improve before the biggest losers show me up at that sport as well.

3 thoughts on “Barefoot Rowing

  1. jogblog

    Seems this Janathon is the year of the ‘photo of feet on a rowing machine’! You went to the other extreme though.

  2. warriorwoman

    I realised this morning that I had missed a fine opportunity to draw a comparison between your rowing style and mine.

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