Habit Forming

I’m in search of habits – little habits.

I’ve signed up to something called 3 Tiny Habits. I don’t know much about yet as it hasn’t started but I’m guessing that it requires me to develop 3 small habits.

But what to choose?

Daily running aka Janathon, sounds like a major habit. Nail biting sounds simple enough but really what is the point?

I’ve plumped for one sun salutation per morning and then Jogblog came to the rescue by introducing to me to a perfect option: #plankaday. The hash indicating that this is a twitter incarnation, the plank bit suggests there will be pain, but not for very long and the aday part makes it perfect habit material.


Sorted, only one more to find.

I’ve also inadvertently entered into a competition with the said Jogblog and possibly FitArtist if she doesn’t eat too much pizza.

This isn’t my entire Janathon offering though as I actually ran today. I took a trip out to my favourite running haunt and followed the bridle way around Richmond Park to complete a very sedate but satisfactory 10k. I was actually scheduled for a ten-miler but this marathon plan is progressing way faster than my ability to keep up with it.

I also read about running today, which has got to count for something. I’ve started a new book called, rather aptly Run Fat Bitch Run. I shall quote liberally from the second chapter as I believe it rather succinctly explains my current frustration with running.

You will reach a stage in some runs when everything feels so right that you almost forget you are running. You are running ‘in the zone’ and that is a real pleasure. You will hate some runs from start to finish. What you ENJOY is less the run itself and more what the practice of running is enabling you to do with the rest of your life. The pleasure you really get from running is FROM THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE RUN; that you put your trainers on, braved the outdoors and actually did it, in spite of all the excuses you could think of not to.

So with that accepted, I am happy with a plank and a 10k for today.

4 thoughts on “Habit Forming

  1. Adele

    Oh blimey, I didn’t realise we actually had gone into planky competition, I’d better take it a bit more seriously!

  2. jogblog

    “… inadvertently entered into a competition …” Inadvertently? You make it sound like you accidentally set out to beat my time.

  3. Janice

    I started a beginner’s running plan just before new year and am full of new-runner enthusiasm. I did a grand total of 17 mins running interspersed with minute bouts of walking. I’m loving it but it isn’t easy. any advice on shoes for road running would be gratefully received!

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