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Ideally rest days should be scheduled rather than stumbled upon. Yesterday I accidentally arrived at midnight without exercising and therefore declared it a rest day but it was not restful. I must have told myself at least 6 times during the evening that I should exercise but I was quietly resistant and unfortunately still a little edgy.

Today I feel as though I have made up for my tardiness. I woke feeling a bit ropey but I strapped myself into the rower and churned out 6k to start the day. I left it feeling quite spritely despite the persistent buttock cramps.

20120107 234817 Suspended AnimationI’ve just finished the day with a set of body weight exercises using the TRX Suspension trainer that Santa delivered. It hasn’t had much use up til now but I picked up a £9 chin-up bar from Lidl this morning which I can use to support the contraption from the bedroom door. I feel much happier now I can use it indoors, it feels so much safer suspending myself above a shag pile carpet rather than the concrete patio.

Arms are killing as well as the buttocks now.

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  • Park Run Harrogate 8 January, 2012, 11:07 am

    My wife and I absolutely love your blog – so entertaining! You’ve inspired us to go and get some post Christmas exercise right now!!!

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