Park Running Joy

I got up early enough to hit traffic jams in the Royal Parks – hordes of runners and dog walkers trying to enjoy the beautiful winter sun on the frosty ground.

My original plan was for a short loop of Wimbledon Common followed by a full lap of Richmond Park but I was at the back of a very long queue of Range Rovers so decided to start at RP instead and mix up the route.

20120115-170347.jpgMy 15k plan required a lap and a bit. I was well aware that the “bit” would require monumental mental strength to complete when my very sole would be pleading with the body to veer off and take the car back home, so I opted to complete this first. I started with the 5k Richmond Park Run route and then repeated last weeks 10k bridle way loop.

It felt so much better than last week, although I’ve just checked the average pace and it was exactly the same pitiful result as last Saturday. Still, I went 5k further and it doesn’t detract from the joy I felt to be out there in the cold, sunny park, surrounded by runners and walkers -athletes every one.

One thought on “Park Running Joy

  1. Jon

    I never realised Richmond park was so large. How far is one lap of the park? Must be nice to see London early in the morning like that.

    OK, I just Googled it before hitting submit and found a nice guide;

    Looks like it is 7.35 miles around the “Tasmin Trail”. Sounds much nicer than my local route!

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