Two Half’s are Better Than One

It’s about time I came clean and announced that my marathon plans have withered in the late winter sun.

The initial training plan went rather well but as the runs got longer, I started asking myself questions and it became obvious that my heart wasn’t in it. The marathon is such an all encompassing challenge, demanding week after week of commitment that you really do need to have your heart on side. Mine was digging it’s heels in and sulking at every enforced run.

So, for the time being I don’t feel as though I have a marathon in me.

But I’m still fired up for running. It’s felt great to let myself off the hook and start running for the sheer hell of it again.

I’ve reassessed and set new targets and now I’m chasing a half marathon PB. The new plan has me splitting the marathon into two half’s, the first is the Great Keswick Trail Half in June and the second is the PB showdown at the Great North Run in September.

2 thoughts on “Two Half’s are Better Than One

  1. Carole Chapple

    Hi WW,

    I’ve been following your blog on and off for a while, and I’m glad you’ve started updating it again. For a while there it was the Dry Bones post which was there for ages and I was starting to worry you’d lost interest/given up the fitness stuff.

    I have been running to the BUPA ten mile intermediate program, not to enter anything in particular (having only started running last September) but to be at the level of fitness where I COULD enter a ten miler or half marathon if I suddenly saw one on the local running club’s diary.

    Last Sunday I finally did the ten miles, and two miles in Ifelt my right ankle twinging on and off. But you know, you can run through what feels like mild pain, you just find a different pace. Very stupid!!! At the end of the ten miles my inner ankle was really sore, and then it swelled up despite ice, compression etc. So, it’s Wednesday now and I know I won’t be running for a week or two.

    What I’m trying to say is that, when I’d finished the ten mile training run (took me 1hr40) I was absolutely shattered…a half marathon is definitely the biggest distance I would ever try. I have definitely not got a whole marathon in me!!

    Hopefully I won’t lose too much fitness trying to rest the ankle up. I can feel a swimming session or two coming on!!

    Btw, my shoes were fitted using gait analyser technology last year and up till Sunday they have been great, never a blister, or any trouble. Maybe they’re getting a bit worn?? They are support ones for my slight over pronation on the left side!!

    Keep up with the blog!

  2. warriorwoman

    Hi Carole
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Sorry you are injured though, its a shame, it sounds like your training plan had been going really well.
    Hopefully you’ll be back in the swing of things after a bit of leg rest. It’s amazing how quickly you can get back up to speed again, even if the first sessions do feel a bit tough.
    Running shoes definitely don’t last forever and if you’ve been doing 10-milers they would probably be up for a replacement after a few months. Mine are showing signs of over-use too.

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