Zico Coconut Water Sports Drink Review

I arrived home today to find about a gallon of coconut water samples sitting on my doorstep.

For a brief moment I wondered why no one offers me any Stella samples to review but 5 mins into my latest exercise fad routine I was desperate for a refreshing and healthy sports drink.

I’ve started Insanity the 60 Day Extreme Challenge (Amazon link) which is a crazy, high intensity, max interval training phenomenon. I’ll talk more about that later but needless to say it’s a severe workout and I was mighty grateful for a few sport drink samples.

Zico Coconut Water is billed as the healthy alternative to typical sugar laden sports drinks. I buy into that ideal but was a bit disappointed that Zico was made from concentrate and unspecified “flavours”. It tastes pretty convincing though and takes me back to tropical beach holidays and freshly cracked green nuts.

The best thing about Zico is the calorie content, I get vitamins and minerals and a tastier alternative to water for just 15 cals per 100 ml. That’s about 60 cals for the bottle and I deserved 60 calories today!

If you’re not familiar with coconut water it’s an odd flavour, it seems ever so slightly dusty but still refreshing. I’m a big fan, it takes me back to my childhood and trips to the autumn fair. If I was lucky I won a coconut from the shy and got to smash it for the juice. I probably got an egg cup full every other year as they were either dried up old nuts or I smashed it into smithereens at the cracking stage. Its quite a treat to get a full bottle without all the angst. I miss the associated toffee apples and goldfish though.