Fleetfoot II – Runner’s Bumbag for Women

I don’t often go for women specific products, all too often it seems like an excuse to use up a load bright pink paint or fabric with no noticeable design enhancements.

Despite offering a vivid pink Fleetfoot II model I was fortunate enough that Workplay offered me the rather more stylish black option to review.

I’ve tried a good number of running packs over the past few years, from fully equipped adventure packs to the simplest of minimal bumbags. My trammel carrying needs vary depending on the terrain and distance I intend to cover. For most runs up to about 10m I need to carry my iPhone, keys, possibly some emergency money and a bottle of water. During this month, which is probably on track to be the wettest April since the last drought was declared, I almost always have to take my waterproof jacket as well.

For longer runs my water carrying requirements increase and I usually want to include some form of sustenance such as jelly beans or on really long runs – a peanut butter sarnie.

The Fleetfoot II fits the bill for my short to mid-distance runs and would also be my option for long distance race events such as half and full marathons where you hydration needs are supported by regular water stations.

I went out this weekend with my iPhone, cash, keys and waterproof jacket stashed in the waistbelt. It was perfectly comfortable with no bouncing or twisting. If you check out the video below you will get a really great introduction to the product and see quite how much the Fleetfoot II can be expected to hold. I was a little surprised to see the presenter squeezing her lipstick into the pocket – who on earth runs with lipstick?!

This is great little running pack. The shape is shape is designed to accommodate the curvature of a woman’s hips. I find that the standard bumbags tend to ride up to my waist which is too high for comfort and then start spinning around because it’s too loose. The Fleetfoot II sat on my hips and remained there. I was also presently surprised to find that the strap was generously sized, it fit me very comfortably and I’m certainly on the large size of female runners. It adjusts to standard and skinny sizes too.

Despite being a relatively small and lightweight pack the Fleetfoot II has a number of different features, there are two pockets within the zipped area and a soft pouch for keeping keys and coins safe and jangle free. An extendable mesh for stashing waterproofs and another expandable area for holding a water bottle.

I tried the bottle holder and although it keeps the bottle secure I didn’t really enjoy the feel of the bottle held close into the small of my back and so preferred to keep the bottle in my hand and leave the waistpack a little lighter around my waist.

I’ve spent the last two weekends running around Richmond Park with family accompaniment on mountain bikes. I’ve tried out two different waistpacks and there’s one clear winner.

Last weekend I was trying out a new waistpack from NorthFace. It was a simple design, a tiny pocket and a rather large water bottle. I tried it out at home and while empty it felt remarkably comfy but the moment I started running in the park the now full water bottle started bouncing up and down and drove me nuts. I couldn’t cope with the bottle around my waist and it was too big to hold in my hand, fortunately Lynn was on the bike and could carry it for me, otherwise I’d have thrown it away and had to run without the water.

This weekend I was wearing the Fleetfoot II and by comparison it was a complete joy. I felt freer than usual as I had my iPhone in the waist belt rather than an armband and the bag stayed put for the whole circuit.

If I could only have one running pack in my life, I would choose the Fleetfoot II – I’d make sure it was black though.

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  1. jogblog

    I love pink and black as a colour combination. They’ve sent me the pink and black rucksack to review. It looks fab but I haven’t used it yet.

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