The Good Samaritan – London Marathon Tragedy

While I was still intending to run the 2012 London Marathon, I started a post entitled “Why I’m running for the Samaritans”.

As you know I chose not to run and so my expose has remained in draft format. I will give you a sneak preview of the opening paragraph and leave the rest for the time I do manage to go the distance:

I wouldn’t exactly call running a life saver but it has definitely been a sanity saver. It’s given me a sense of community, of achievement and of worth.

If I want to look for life savers there have been a few in my life and to those I am forever grateful.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that one of my life savers was going to be The Samaritans.

While I was out on the streets last Sunday, supporting OGB on his first marathon attempt, I kept one eye open for the Samaritan runners who did make it as far as the start line to raise money for a charity dear to my heart.

Claire Squires would have run past me twice that day.

I was incredibly saddened to find out today that she died within the final mile of the 2012 London Marathon.

On her Just Giving site Claire say’s:

if everyone I know could donate £5.00 that would be a great help and change lives

Imagine the impact if everyone she doesn’t know could spare £5 for a runner who gave her all?

As I write this she’s managed to raise £536,762.10

3 thoughts on “The Good Samaritan – London Marathon Tragedy

  1. Carole Chapple

    Hi ww,

    I have donated to her page. I am doing a half marathon on the 6th May, my first, and already feeling nervous. Put in a 10 mile long run on Sunday (longest since I hurt my ankle a couple of months ago) and apart from a bit of stiffness and soreness in the thigh area all was well. How is your running going??

  2. warriorwoman

    My running is going quite well, I think. I’m enjoying the rain.
    My next half is in June so I have a bit more training left than you. It’s a hilly trail half though so I’m nervous.
    Which event are you doing?

  3. Carole Chapple

    Hi WW,

    I enjoy the rain as long as it’s not doing it the very second I walk out the door – let me get warm first, then let it cool me down!

    I am doing this:

    It is supposed to be (and my hubby says it is because he used to run a lot of half marathons) one of the toughest halfs in the country. Saltash, in the very east of Cornwall (just over the bridge from Plymouth in Devon) is quite a hilly little town anyway, but this one takes you all up and down the lanes in the nice hilly countryside. Lovely.

    After my ten miles on Sunday, I did a 45 min gym session (the secondary school I work in has a fitness suite!!) using everything but the treadmill to try and avoid any additional impact, then a 3.6 mile recovery run last night. Taking it easy today, but will be back in the gym on Thursday and then another run (doing hillwork) on Friday. Not long to go now and getting worried. However I’m fundraising for my local ex-battery hen charity so that’s going well!!

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