Nuun Electrolyte Tab Review

20120506-103147.jpgI was sent an array of pretty capsules the other day, each containing 12 flavoured Nuun tabs.

These are handy tabs that enable you to prepare your own electrolyte replacement sports drink by dropping the tab in your usual water bottle. They don’t include loads of sugars like most sport drinks so are designed to keep you safely hydrated rather than refuelled ad only pack 6 calories per tab.

That’s perfect for me.

I’ve said many times when I’ve reviewed sports drinks before, that I’m not interested high calorie juices that negate all the effort I’ve just put in to burn calories. I want to end my exercise session with a calorie deficit but I do need fluids or I shrivel up in a heap after 3k. For long distance runs, say beyond 10miles, I find I start to feel quite ill if I drink only water so the low calorie electrolyte replacement drinks are perfect for me.

If you’re aiming for performance rather than weightloss, you will need to consider your re-fuelling needs as well but that’s what gels and jelly babies are for.

I’ve tried 5 flavours now and apart from the disgusting bubble-gummy grape flavour, they are all pretty tasty. My favourites are strawberry lemonade and strangely the caffeine infused lemon tea which I thought sounded vile. They have a good flavour (not too strong or sweet) and despite containing artificial sweeteners, I couldn’t detect an after taste.

The Nuun tabs have a slight fizz and so after bobbing along for any length of time with a half full water bottle there can be a bit of a pressure build up. I found myself gently sprayed with lemon tea on yesterday’s run. The fizz makes for quite a refreshing drink though.

Good Points
Minimal calorie intake – 6 only
Good choice of flavours
Portable so you can top up during a run
Quenches your thirst
Good value – 50p per drink
Eco and cupboard friendly – reuse the same water bottle

Bad Points
Grape flavour – yuk
Pressure build up when running

Here’s a wiggle link to the sample pack I tested: nuun active hydration pack

Thanks to nuun for sending me the samples to review.

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  1. Heather

    I was surprised at how much I liked the Lemon Tea, too! But, I’ll admit: I’m that weirdo that likes everything grape 😉 I always have the grape in my house 🙂 I’ve had the “effervescent explosion”, too, but it wasn’t too bad. Thanks for the review!

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