Debts have to be paid

So Juneathon has started again and the treadmill has been dusted off for more late night action. I’ve spent the last two nights running through midnight and have been left pondering which day to log. Is it the start or finish that counts?

I could easily have skipped this evenings run for an early night but along with Juneathon I’ve started calorie counting. I’m obsessing over my latest nutrition tracking app and I’m afraid I logged my run in advance so that I could build up sufficient calorie debt to sneak a pint of Stella.

8 thoughts on “Debts have to be paid

  1. amanda

    Hi there,
    I thought I should just say hello and that, since I found you a few weeks ago, I’ve really been enjoying your honesty! Oh and those pink shoes were lovely – crazy yes but, and believe me I’m not a girly girl, they had some style at least – a full-on pink shoe and not some Hello kitty sparkles and strips of pink creation.
    All my running shoes have been Asics and I have hated every last ugly pair – in despair I bought some Adidas neon green ones for fun but they are rubbish. I am heavy and run on roads and they’ve worn out in just a few months so unless you suggest anything in your blogs, I’ll probably have to go back to Asics.

    Anyway, I am reading and am interested in what you have to say… calories will be specially interesting! Amanda

  2. Lucy

    Hi, new Juneathon reader here 🙂 I think I’m entering the spirit of excuses too keenly already…I’m thinking that if you get desperate, the over midnight treadmill run can count as both days! Great to hear your update and discover a new blog.

  3. warriorwoman

    Hello Amanda
    Thanks for your comment, it’s always nice to know people read and hopefully enjoy.
    Asics are my staple shoe but they aren’t particularly jazzy if you like that sort of thing. I do alternate with Nike Frees though. They don’t have the same level of support but they are cushioning and super comfortable. I particularly like them for long distance as they are kind to the toes. I think it’s useful to juggle shoes anyway, that way my feet don’t get complacent.
    I’m sure there will be more on calories soon, I have an app review planned that will conpare two of the best nutrition logs available.

  4. morning of magicians

    wow, you run on the treadmill in the night? but yeah, lucy makes a point there. log and blog it for both days and then you can get away with just doing 15 times exercise.

  5. Warriorwoman

    I’m storing up the dirty tricks for later in the month when I get desperate.

    Jogblog – I’m trying out Cal Counter and comparing it to Tap and Track which was my previous favourite.

  6. fortnightflo

    I think you can definately use the runs for both days! And you’re being pretty hardcore running through til midnight, if I don’t get mine in by 9pm I’m done for the day. I’ve started tracking calss again as well on myfitnesspal. Good Luck!

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