A Pit Stop in Mitcham

Having spent the morning on the allotment, swinging mattocks into rock solid clay I was a bit limp lettuce and couldn’t muster much energy for a run. Still, Juneathon must be obeyed, at least in week 1 and I still need as many activity calories as I can get.

So I was abandoned (in a pre-planned way) at a distant supermarket and left to run home across ditch and dale, otherwise known as Mitcham Common.

20120602-221511.jpgI was lost in the joy of warm weather running, with long grasses swaying and bunnies lolloping, when I looked down to see a Pit Bull Terrier hurtling towards me. I choked a bit with the shock and had no time to scream before the beast hit me right in the knee cap.

He was fortunately a fairly jolly creature and seemed content with dislocating my knee without further savaging. I limped off, hoping he wouldn’t come back and floor me with a back of the knee head butt.

5 thoughts on “A Pit Stop in Mitcham

  1. Lynn

    That one looks way too cute to do any damage

  2. morning of magicians

    with the risk of offending people, i always disliked dogs; especially because they always tend to be at those places that runners are aswell, wood paths and all that and they think people running have to be approached somehow :/

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    I didn’t stop to photograph the “actual” hound. The one in Mitcham Common was obviously huge, bearing its teeth and drooling, in a terrifying manner.

    MoM – I’m surprised I haven’t had more bother from dogs but I have a soft spot for them when they aren’t trying to damage me.

  4. Hels

    I love Staffie Bull Terriers, they are just lovely, but they can be scary hurting towards you.

    Are the pictures at the top of the blog new? Something looks different, but very nice!

    Hope the knee feels ok.

  5. Warriorwoman

    I was surprised by how appealing it seemed for a big bruiser.
    The pics are the same – Asilomar Coast, but I’ve changed the theme so it looks a bit different. Surprised you noticed though.

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