Gadget Overload

I picked up a Nike Fuelband yesterday so now have yet another spur to action in the month of June.


I’ve set my initial target at 3000 fuel points, whatever that means but only got there in the final hour by pushing myself onto the treadmill for another late night run.

I’ve got a lot of gadgets stacked up for reviewing now but I’ll definitely have more to say on the Nike Fuelband, I’m mightily impressed so far and I’m looking forward to comparing it to some of the other body monitors and motivators I’ve been trying out.

I need a few Fuelband friends to challenge me – are there any Fuelband wearing Juneathoners out there?

4 thoughts on “Gadget Overload

  1. Matt E

    Be fascinated to hear your thoughts on the Fuelband

    Also, is it readily available in the UK now, or did you import one?

  2. fortnightflo

    OOOh ditto – been looking at that – almost bought a fitbug a while ago. Can’t wait for your review – if they fancy sending me one too I would be your fuelband friend 😉

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    I didn’t think it would be up to much but I’m loving it. In fact I’m going to buy Lynn one so I can get some in-house competition.
    Not sure how easy they are to get hold of in the UK at the moment. They have them at NikeTown in London but don’t seem to be available online yet.

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