The Yale Keyless Lock for Runners

It’s not unusual for me to run with a backpack containing a single fruit sherbet and a bunch of keys.

It may be a bit over the top but keys are a problem for runners.

If I try to unthread the single front door key from the rest of the bunch I run the high risk of a nail and nail bed separation incident. While I may be able to secrete the key in the tiny zipped pocket now present on most running apparel I will spend the whole of the run whining about my throbbing thumb.

The perfect solution for runners is the Yale Keyless Door Lock.

It may not have been specifically designed with runners in mind but who else would feel the joy so acutely – now we can run free.

Not only do I get to leave the house without a key, there is the added bonus of returning and entering the house feeling like Dr Spock. A quick stroke of the keypad illicits a little chirrup and the numbers light up ready for me to enter the code. I love it.

It replaces the standard Yale lock on your front door. The deadlock remains as is so you will still need to carry a key if you need to double lock the door but for those local runs around the block I’m more than happy to leave the door secured by the Yale alone.

It’s proved its worth on the non-running front as well. No longer do I have to drag myself off the sofa to let in the kids who’ve forgotten their keys and nor do I have to sit like a waif on my own doorstep because I’ve accidentally shut myself out in my pyjamas following a quick trip to the bin.

Thanks to Yale for supplying a demo version.

4 thoughts on “The Yale Keyless Lock for Runners

  1. Ashley

    This is nice if you’re wanting to change your locks anyway, but it seems a little excessive for running convenience. I just made a spare key and put it on a safety pin.

  2. amanda

    Thanks, I’m going to give this serious thought. My key on a safety pin got lost one day and I had to wait two hours sweaty, stinky and freezing for the estate agent who happened to have a key to open. Key loss has been my biggest fear since then and I often run with two sets!

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