An Excuse of Seagulls

20121125-175238.jpgI knew today’s run was going to be a struggle.

I awoke raring to go but somehow managed to squander 90 mins with pre-run faff, I wasted another 20 mins in the car trying to program the sat nav to take me to my “usual” run destination and when I eventually arrived at Putney Bridge, no thanks to the sat nav, I was so flustered that I seriously considered turning around and going home.

I had to push, prod and cajole myself around much of the course. For no apparent reason I would grind to a halt every 500 metres and require a motivational pep talk. I’m not really good at motivational speak so after I exhausted my repertoire of supportive chants I had to adopt a more bullying tone.

This was a run of excuses but fortunately many were photogenic.

The first involved a short break to hide from a swarm of hungry seagulls, lured by sandwich discarding toddler.


I then moved on to panoramic photo after panoramic photo. I won’t bore you with them all…


No matter how slowly I trundled around the 13k Putney Bridge – Barnes Bridge – Putney Bridge Loop I gave myself a resounding pat on the back for ignoring my inner slacker, and of course I finished full of the joys associated with a cold breezy autumnal morning spent by the river.

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