Boxing Day Wash Out

Boxing Day started so bright and promising.

We had been planning the Boxing Day 10k for months. It was to be Lynn’s first “event” and we were taking it sufficiently seriously that we joined the local gym and started a program. Nothing really went to plan though, Lynn’s knees crocked up and she spent way more time on the abdominal incline board than she did the treadmill and I developed a cold so severe that I couldn’t even think about running for more than 20 days.

I woke us early with the now customary cough and we whiled away the rest of the sunny morning in bed. We whiled for at least 6 hours, pondering the merits of an ill prepared 10k and finally assembled our running clobber as the clouds of hades gathered.

Boxing Day madnessWith the lung capacity of a asthmatic canary, I wasn’t desperately keen to race my way around Richmond Park but I had only the day before unwrapped a new gadget of delight, and the Forerunner 910XT was just begging to be played with. It has a run/walk feature which was just the job for two decrepit joggers. I set it for 90 sec run, 180 secs walk just like the old days when I was starting out.

Richmond park was quite frankly, wet.

Folk handled the challenge of the elements in different ways. Lynn started her run with a hat, hood and quilted overcoat but one runner dispensed with all such folderol and ran with just a chest strap and an exceedingly baggy pair of jogging bottoms. I like to think I towed the middle line of near normality.

Although I can see that running 10k in the pouring rain across flooded fields may not seem as appealing as the alternative coal fire, chocolates and beer, it did in fact turn out to be marvellously good fun. Once you’ve given up trying to keep your feet dry, I defy anyone to run through a massive puddle without squealing with delight.

Despite a few navigational issues we managed to tick off the 10k. We had a little struggle to get changed out of our wet clothing in the back of the car but fortunately we were so damp the car steamed up in an instant and gave us the required level of privacy.

Richmond Park - Boxing Day Run

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