Soft Star Shoes – Moc3 Barefoot Running Shoe

Soft Star shoes are my guilty pleasure, the fashion habit that I feel somewhat obliged to hide from the family.

RunAmoc Moc3

I’m threatening to turn into one of those old biddies who wander round the streets in their slippers, but when shoes are this comfortable who really cares?

Soft Star shoes are as cutting edge and hip as elf made, barefoot shoes get. The original RunAmoc (reviewed here) was hard to beat but the elves have got a new recruit and he’s brought some tried and tested science to the shoe making table, resulting in the release of Moc3 RunAmoc. These are fantastically comfortable and have odour resistant properties that Vibram FiveFinger runners will envy.

I prefer the thicker sole option for trail running but they are also my gad about shoe of choice especially when camping.

Soft Star The RogueI’ve just discovered their latest casual shoe offering, The Rogue, and I’m wondering if I can get away with these combined with a suit for work?


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