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Stout-athlon 1: Dragon Stout

Last nights run must have done me some good as I woke in a much better state. By lunchtime I could even be said to be completely hangover free. I wasn’t in a particular rush to crack open the stout though and in the end left it until we arrived home from a trip to Chinatown and the theatre.

I opted for the smallest, most oriental bottle from my collection: Dragon Stout.

This is actually a Jamaican brew from the makers of Red Stripe (a fine Stella substitute). It’s a dark beer, holding a firm creamy head and a soft malty smell. I get a hint of coffee but then feel as if my drink has been switched for cream of dandelion and burdock.

Hard to believe the alcohol content in this beer is 7.5%. The overriding taste sensation is sweetness. I thought it was rather pleasant for the first few mouthfuls but now I’ve polished it off I still have a cloying sugaryness that I’d like to be rid off.

20130101 225952 Stout athlon 1: Dragon Stout

If you want to read an authoritative review of Dragon Stout check out these tasting notes.

Normal running duties will continue tomorrow and I will endeavour to tag Stout-Athlon commentary at the end so I don’t double up on posts. One a day is more than enough.

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