Lump of Coal

20130104-223451.jpgToday, in an attempt to escape the monotony of accounting and month end, I started to draw up my training plan for the 100k London2Brighton challenge. Its a bit frightening and includes entries such as Saturday 7hr Run/walk followed by Sunday 5hr run/walk.

Much as I would have liked to vegetate in front of the telly when I got home the plan pushed me in the direction of the gym.

Today’s Janathon involved a competitive 3k on the treadmill and a modicum of kettlebell swinging.

Now for the interesting bit of the challenge.

Having complained yesterday that all stouts seem to carry the same flavours of chocolate and coffee I find myself tasting a brew with barely any scent and a taste of…. well beer really. If I’m feeling imaginative I might sense blackcurrants but not in a grotty fruity way. This is a well rounded brew and probably my favourite so far. It’s strong and pleasantly tingly. Not much of head but leaves, what is known in the trade, a lacing around the glass.

This beer started life in the UK but was designed for the US export market and somehow got re-imported by way of Borough Market. A journey which probably explains the hefty price tag just visible in the photo below.


Lynn surprised me with the Lump of Coal Stout this evening but unfortunately managed to pour her little sample all over the sofa and carpet as she was still a bit wobbly from the treadmill. We’ll be enjoying Eau d’Stout well beyond the end of January.

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