Porterhouse Rules

I may have cheated a little by choosing to imbibe the alcohol before I actually earned it but it just ensured that the treadmill running was even more of a challenge.

I’m worried this stout tasting might get a bit monotonous. Every sniff thus far has brought chocolate and coffee grinds to mind, offset with a little ash. Perhaps you get that with all stouts.

Anyway, I seem to have found one without half a sack of sugar in it. This Old Fashioned Porter from St Peters brewery is almost astringent. Mind you it softens after a few sips. I like that about a proper beer – you have to work at the enjoyment.


Not unlike the treadmill actually. I sulked and procrastinated for hours and only clambered on board the treadmill when the rest of the house had retired to bed and the clock was ticking so fast that I almost missed the Day 3 deadline. At least it is done now.

A 3k offering.

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