Ten Green Bottles

Ok, it’s 21 and they are brown but regardless, they represent the challenge still ahead. Another 21 days of jogging, logging and blogging and another 21 bottles of stout.

Given the mad January dash of treadmill running and cushion jumping its hard to believe that we’ve ticked off barely a third of Janathon. Its been a successful one so far though and if each bottle were to be offset by a small treadmill offering of 3k, I would break the 100k mark for the month. Looking back over my logs I can see that I’ve only broken that barrier twice in my running life, so its something worth aiming for.


20130110-224021.jpgI missed yesterdays blogging but you needn’t fear, I’ve stuck with the program and tried out two new Stouts, both from the Bristol Brewery.

Yesterday’s was a fine Irish Stout, simple flavour with a strong bitter aftertaste, certainly very pleasant but not really worth the staggering price tag – £5.10.

Today’s Milk Stout was the first bottle that I would consider trying again after the end of January. It smooth and creamy with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet notes.

It’s called a milk stout as lactose is used to sweeten the stout without the risk of the sugar being converted to alcohol during the brewing process as apparently the yeast won’t work with lactose. At the beginning of this challenge I had to suffer my way through a series of sickly sweet stouts but this one has got it just right.