Stoking the Furnace

I mistook the absence of snow for evidence of a gloriously mild morning. It is easy to make meteorological errors when assessing the weather conditions from under a warm duvet. The truth revealed itself pretty quickly when I set off on this morning’s long run.

I was repeating last weeks circular route from Putney Bridge to Barnes Bridge and back. The icy wind, channelled along the Thames and ripped through my summery shirt and my barely clad extremities suffered greatly. I was squealing for about 30 mins before my inner furnace kicked in and was able to roll up my sleeves and revel in the hot, toastiness of a long distance runner.

It turned into a lovely run, I knocked 5 minutes off last weeks time by sticking religiously to my 3min run 1min walk strategy and listened with fascination to another Marathon Talk interview with Tim Noakes, this time discussing low carb nutrition and the paleo diet. I’ve never heard that guy give a dull interview.

I spent the afternoon washing and polishing my beloved Bonneville as it needs to be sold. I start a new job in February, I’ll now be working at the local hospital which means my opportunities for motorbike commuting are severely curtailed. Still, I now get to drown my sorrows with a motor inspired bottled of Stout: Old Engine Oil. A truly viscous, treacly brew with a massive flavour hit. A creamy, bitter treacle in a disappointingly small bottle. It packs a punch and I was surprised it only came out at 6%. The bottle recommends it to be served with black pudding which sounds perfect but I’ll be spending the evening at the cinema watching Les Mis so will have to make do with popcorn.


2 thoughts on “Stoking the Furnace

  1. warriorwoman

    Unfortunately bikes, especially triumphs, don’t like to be left for long. The batteries go flat quickly so I’d end ip having to go out for chore rides to recharge the batteries.

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