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There was a shameful lack of true exercise today. My intentions were good for about 15 hrs of the day but they just floated away by about bedtime.

Guilt made me swing the kettlebell before I laid down but I had to cut that short as the cat was threatening to leap into the path of the iron weight. I shall consider closing the door next time.

While exercising proved tricky, I had no bother with the Stout-Athlon challenge which is clearly proving to be no challenge at all.

I’m resurrecting my paleo diet as a means to focus on some weight loss and Lynn is dabbling with a wheat-free detox so we opted for a Sam Smiths Oatmeal Stout. Probably not very Paleo but is at least wheat-free.

20130115 230506 Stout Only

Jolly nice it was too.

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