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The Insanity Test

My knees have been suffering since the weekends run so I’ve decided to focus on some core training.

If I had any guts at all I’d be enrolling myself for a foundation course of crossfit but I’m sadly lacking in that department. Instead I have pulled out the Insanity DVDs so that I can sweat and groan behind closed doors.

20130115 234558 The Insanity TestFor those that haven’t heard of it, Insanity describes itself as a max-interval, extreme workout. Which means that your intensity is high for a large portion of the workout, interspersed with short recovery breaks. It’s high intensity circuit training for the home.

I’ve started back on Day 1 of the 60 day intense regime and that’s means the fitness test. 25 minutes, 8 exercises where you aim for as many repetitions as possible within 1 minute.

The exercises include a lot of jumps – vertical squat jumps, burpee jumps, globe jumps etc and a few nigh on impossible push up based exercises.

They are remarkably cruel but I quite like feeling sick after a workout.

As it was only 25 mins long I thought I might attempt a 3k on the treadmill as well. That was until I swooned in a pre-faint as I approached the machine. I think one insane session a day is good enough for Janathon.

I struggled with today’s Stout after the workout. So it’s just as well that it wasn’t worth finishing. Meantime London Stout from Greenwich has an iron filing scent, a weak flavour, possibly of bonfires and a lingering sourness. Flat and uninspiring. So that will be avoided in the future.

20130115 234332 The Insanity Test

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  • Jules 16 January, 2013, 1:45 am

    Hmm second time I’ve heard insanity DVDs mentioned in a week! Sounds like a good workout but don’t fancy getting sweat all over my living room.. :-/ #excusesexcuses

  • warriorwoman 18 January, 2013, 12:20 am

    They have a mighty media force behind them so I’m not surprised you keep hearing them mentioned.
    The carpet sweat is a bit off putting. I have all the windows open but that risks the neighbours hearing me scream.

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