The Runner’s Embrocation

I’ve done the Great North Run enough times to be able to identify the emergence of a pre-race ritual involving bananas, ibuprofen, Deep Heat and Red Bull.

These aren’t the ingredients to a pre-race smoothie so please don’t feel tempted to whizz the ingredients together in a blender.

Deep HeatFor some reason I don’t repeat the routine at any other race, the only common feature across races appears to be the Red Bull because I long for the wings that may offer release from my mid-point misery. In contrast the Deep Heat and Ibuprofen appear to be saved for GNR alone. I imagine thats because Dan is in charge of the medical side of running and he’s always at the start of GNR. He pulls out the Deep Heat just before the enforced warm up session and we can avoid the overly jolly group jumping jacks while we massage in the warming cream.

I’ve just been sent a range of Deep Heat embrocations to try out so I can now dabble with warming, cooling and soothing potions to my hearts content. I am free to experiment with pre and post training applications and may spend the next few months smelling like I have intractable sciatica.

Last night I applied Deep Relief, the menthol and ibuprofen infused gel to my aching knees, this morning I have Deep Heat smothering my hamstrings as I’ve tightened up something chronic after the intense session at The Running School last week. When I’ve finished I’ll be overlaying with Deep Freeze and then pop my feet up for a well earned rest.

Three unguents in one day may be overkill but my muscles are going to be grateful for the new experiment.