Ultimate Gym Bra Review

20130213-204712.jpgWe’ve been trying out new sports bras.

I use the term “we” because I had to enrol the help of a less well endowed runner to try out the Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym Bra, which although generously sized, does not quite stretch to my proportions.

I can confirm that the test model was still sufficiently substantial to ensure a thorough testing in the bounce department.

This is a supportive garment, you feel and look, well ensconced. Firmly grasped as it were.

It has a double clasped connection, the normal hook and eye fastening plus the additional cross over back clasp. This extra connection pulls your shoulders back, forces you into a fine posture and secures you firmly. I defy anyone to get into it single handedly though.

20130213-204720.jpgThe second clasp is in that blind spot of the upper back – the place of the unreachable itch and in this case the unclaspable clasp.

I had to provide assistance in the gym changing rooms to ensure the bra was tested in its full glory. I’m not sure how practical most bra wearers will find this requirement for an extra pair hands.

It won’t be a problem for the extremely supple and the double jointed but for mere mortals you will have to ask for help.

Once on its as sturdy as it appears. Minimal bounce and extremely comfortable.

The Shock Absorber bra has a bonus extra in the form of a headphone hook on the top of the left cup. I think this is a fantastic idea as you an never have enough solutions to the problem of the errant headphone cable.

It’s a fine looking contraption as well.

Have any of you tried one? Can you get into it on your own? Is there a knack?

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Gym Bra Review

  1. JogBlog

    Funny, me and Rachel (fairweatherrunner) were discussing this in the pub the other week, after we also got sent one (one each, that is) to review.

    I always put these types of sports bras on as a crop top – do them up first, then pull them over my head and then kind of squish myself into them.

    I do like this sports bra, although it comes up a little small and the headphone wire is totally unnecessary.

    Comfy though.

  2. Nici

    I swear by them. I have the top clasp connected before I put it on and then put it on over my head like a top before reaching behi d to do up the standard lower hook and eye clasps.

    I would not run without wearing one of these. It’s seriously the only bra that keeps my bits in one place.

  3. Shaz

    I always wore shock absorber bras but then they got complicated with straps and fastenings, a degree in rocket science needed and 20 minutes to get in to them. Recently bought two usapro bras not for those with a lot up top but for me perfect pull on comfy bra. No second mortgage needed ether-win, win

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  5. Cindy

    I have one and I love it. It keeps everything in place. I do have to have my flatmate hook up the hook for me, but I wil try what others said and just pull it over my head completely done up.

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