Teenage Tabata Trouncing

Apologies for the alliteration but the title just landed in my lap.

I’m always on the look out for short cuts, particularly of the fitness variety. I have books on my shelves with title’s like “7 mins to commando fitness” and “train less, run faster”.

Despite the books I’m still a slow poke and excepting a recent fancy dress party where I got to don a paratrooper beret, I still haven’t made it into military ranks.

20130306-212955.jpgYesterday I read about another short cut to supreme fitness designed by a Japanese fella called Tabata. Apparently a mere 4 mins of intense exercise is all one needs to achieve impressive endurance gains equal to at least 300 mins of less intense training.

This morning I attempted my first Tabata inspired treadmill workout.

For me, this was the nausea inducing session:

10 mins warmup @ 7kph
Hop off treadmill
Ramp treadmill to 13 kph
Jump on for 20 secs
Jump off for 10 secs
Repeat Jump on Jump off for a further 7 times
Warm down for 1 minute at 6kph

That results in a 15 minute session with so much promise but an unusual amount of light headedness. I was impressed with myself.

When I got home from work I found that teenager number 1 had discovered the treadmill and had been dabbling with a few programs in search of fitness.

I felt the need to test her mettle so encouraged her to try out my evil pre-programmed 20 min HITS ( High Intensity Interval Session), which although high intensity is a relative stroll in the park compared to Tabata.

She handled the full program like a walk in the park. No puffing like a steam train and no melodramatic symptoms of exhaustion. I was feeling a little tense so challenged her to a Tabata show down.

I managed to ramp the treadmill up to 15kph before I managed to get her to squeak and her mother told me to behave. I consider myself well and truly trounced by a beginner.

She still wasn’t sweating though so I reckon I’ll be able to dial that treadmill to the max 20kph before she flies off the back.

Will keep you informed.

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