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H2Glow Illuminating Water Bottle

As an urban runner and more accurately, an urban, treadmill runner, I am rarely troubled by darkness.

I have occasionally driven through the unlit countryside and experienced darkness from the safety of my car. With limited footpaths and minimal street lighting, outdoor running becomes an extreme adrenaline sport in the country and I’m not sure I’d have the guts for it after the clocks go back. You wouldn’t catch me running in the dark country lanes without full body day-glo and a set of xmas lights wrapped around my arms and legs.

H2Glow 300x225 H2Glow Illuminating Water BottleI was sent a flashing water bottle from H2Glow last week that could be just the ticket for night runners that want to make sure they are seen. It’s a simple design with a flashing LED in the lid which lights up the fluoro bottle. It’s pretty jazzy and remarkably bright. I’ll be stashing mine away for next years attempt at the London2Brighton, it will be perfect for the night stages.

They make similar bottles for cyclists which is an excellent idea for commuters.


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