Playing at Paleo Fitness

I was in the park last weekend, playing frisbee with Will, an 8 year old.

He ran me absolutely ragged.

Paleo Fitness Animal Walks

When I could run and leap no further I had to feign urgent business near the picnic blanket. My young friend followed me and while I flopped into a heap, he relaxed into a perfect example of the Primal Squat. I admired his squat and demonstrated my best Crab Walk. He wasn’t particularly impressed with my ungainly attempts and scuttled off across the park performing a high-speed Duck Walk.

It seemed quite a coincidence that only a week after I’d finished reading my copy of Paleo Fitness by Darryl Edwards, I’d be careering around the park impersonating an assortment of creatures with another aficionado of animal gaits. I wondered briefly whether Will had also read the book but I suppose it is more likely that Darryl had been inspired by children at play when he designed his functional fitness routines.

Darryl Edwards (Fitness Explorer) offers personal training and primal boot camp sessions in and around the parks of West London. With my recent focus on the Paleo Diet, I was quite tempted to explore the world of Paleo Fitness and was happy to give the book the once over.

Paleo Fitness focusses on whole body movements (as opposed to isolation movements such as bicep curls), encouraging mobility and strength in a way that prepares the body for everyday activities. It has a heavy emphasis on fun and if you embark on this course you’ll be fit enough to run your own 8-year old ragged.

The book covers the Paleo Diet in a satisfyingly succinct way and then moves on to describing the exercises and weekly routines.

I’ve been adding the animal walks to my current training plan as a warm up. I find that Bear Crawls and crab Walks loosen up my back like no other stretch and puts me in a great place to start the rest of my routine.

I don’t feel quite brave enough to join Darryl in the park for a session in Primal Fun but I’m sure if I did, it would enhance my mobility and strength no end. This is a program that would set you up for leaping park benches, climbing trees and hopping over walls. It would certainly prepare you for a session of frisbee in the park.

Darryl Edwards Paleo Fitness
Darryl Edwards Paleo Fitness