Practically a Proper Runner

Two years after starting the course at the Running School, I am finally in a position to share the results.

I had my last session on Monday and while I expected to nip in, take a quick video and escape, I was actually taken through a gruelling interval session honing my posture while sprinting up a mega incline. I’m surprised I had the energy for the after shot.

Last time I went to Battersea Running School I attempted (without success) to bluff my way through the stability tests. This time there was a noticeable improvement, I could raise my hips without my pelvis rocking too and fro and that can only be down to the weight training sessions with Julia Buckley. Marvellous.

It’s been a fascinating experience and well worth the £200 outlay. Comparing my running stance I can see that before I used to run from the knees with very little hip extension. In order to cover any distance I would flick my leg forward from the knee and take a long stride, landing with my heel well out in front of my centre of gravity.

As you can see very clearly from the after shots, I am now cycling with my legs, showing an impressive heel and knee raise and managing to land almost under my centre of gravity. I could do to loosen my hip flexors a bit more to encourage an even straighter posture but as it is, I am still amazed to see myself running like a proper runner.

All I need now is an improved bra and the running world could well be my oyster.

5 thoughts on “Practically a Proper Runner

  1. K, like in caKe

    What a difference! I’ve been considering booking a course myself so it’s interesting to read your experience and let the results speak for themselves. The price does seem to have gone up to £260 now though.

    Thanks for sharing this. K

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    Well it was two years ago K! I’d still recommend it at £260. They worked with me pretty intensely for each of the 6 sessions and the video feedback and results are fascinating.

    Thanks jogblog.

  3. Original Sports

    Very good work, keep it up! Good luck with any events coming up 🙂
    If you need anything, give us a shout – we specialise in running equipment

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