The Running Mat

The Running MatIt is not immediately clear why one would need a running mat. I’m not in the habit of requiring a little sit down in the middle of a run and neither do I tend to drop to the floor mid run for a round of burpees or hand dirtying press ups.

This could all change very soon though. Lynn bought me a 6 session pass for British Military Fitness which starts in a couple of weeks, and this will mean running and crawling through muddy fields. I may appreciate a mat then.

The Running Mat really ought to be called the Boot Camp Mat although I accept it isn’t a very catchy title and someone has already nabbed the URL. It’s targeted at the outdoor fitness market rather than pure runners, and solves the problem of getting up close and personal with mud, grime and other unpleasant park detritus.

The mat is very well designed, it fits snugly and comfortably around the waist, secured by a generous elasticated clasp and stays in one place as you run. When you need it to spring into action you just release the clasp, tear apart the velcro retainer and sling the mat, shiny side up. At that rate you ought to be in a prone position only a few seconds after the rest of the boot camp crew and if you’re lucky you won’t have caught the eye of the sergeant major.

GI Jane Not Big Girls Blouse

I’m in two minds whether I dare take this along to British Military Fitness, on the one hand I like the idea of keeping my hands and knees clean but I’m also terrified of been singled out as a big girl’s blouse and made to do extra pushups because I don’t want to dirty my nails.

I’m taking it on my holidays tomorrow though. I probably won’t be doing a lot of running but I will be doing my calisthenics (or Convict Conditioning) outside under the Greek sun.