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In the increasingly seedy world of professional cycling it’s great to see the good news that America’s Chris Horner has become the oldest Grand Tour winner at the age of 41. I like to accumulate evidence that I still have the potential to achieve professional sporting acclaim – it’s never too late as they say.

If you are tempted to pit yourself against a similar challenge, here’s a guest post on cycling through Spain.

The Vuelta a España is the final of the three grand cycling tours of the year and takes place in August and September, after the Giro d’Italia and of course the most famous, the Tour de France.  The Vuelta a España is also one of the lesser known tours beyond the sport’s enthusiasts.

Vuelta a EspanaHowever, for those of you who have been keeping up with the rides this year, you might have noticed some of the beautiful backdrops that the riders pass and might fancy experiencing it for yourself.

Cycling holidays are a great alternative way to see new countries and really get a feel for the local surroundings. With the ability to stray off the beaten track on a bicycle you can experience the authentic way of life that you can’t gain from speeding down the motorway on a stuffy coach. What’s more important though is that cycling holidays are a great way to maintain an active lifestyle while still enjoying a break in the sun.

So if the Vuelta a España has inspired you, why not try cycling in Spain?

The route for you

Cycling fans are always enthralled by the Andalusian mountain stages that feature early on in the tour of Spain race. This region of Spain is located in the south of the country and offers some tricky terrain but the views might just be worth it. If you don’t feel like trying to pack your own bike into your hand luggage don’t worry – there’s a selection of bike hire companies around these parts that offer great bikes at reasonable rates.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist looking for a challenge or just exploring your options for an active family holiday, Malaga might be the place for you. While it provides the perfect base for exploring the mountains, it also offers an opportunity for a more relaxed ride with cycling sightseeing tours of the town.

What makes Malaga a particularly good option is the great deals you can get on cheap flights. are a good airline to go with as they have a regular flight schedule, at times flying on pretty much a daily basis and their low price airfares mean you can get a good bargain.

This city is not just great for cycling fans though, it has something for all the family and its location on the famous Costa del Sol means you can enjoy a beach holiday here as well.

If you know of any great cycling spots in Spain, let us know. We love hearing your top tips.

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