Salice Sunglasses Review

Salice SunglassesI receive a package containing a pair of Salice sunglasses for review and the longest summer in recent history packs its bags and clears off into the fading sunset.

It was only to be expected, our British weather system has a cruel sense of humour.

It’s hard to put sunglasses through their paces when the sky puts forth a constant drizzle but I did my best. There was a brief break in the clouds when I managed to get out on the bike and show off my snazzy new shades and I tested their running practicalities on the treadmill. I might have looked like a prize nob but the airless, humid conditions were a perfect test of their ability to resist steam up..

I already have a perfect pair of sunglasses – The Oakley Flak Jacket which meet and surpass my 5 requirements for sunglasses:

  1. Make the world appear a better place (rose-tinted)
  2. Make me appear a little more attractive
  3. Keep the sun out of my eyes
  4. Stay in place when I run
  5. Don’t steam up when I run slowly or stop the bike at traffic lights

I tested the Salice against all these criteria and they held up remarkably well.

Salice SunglassesThe lenses didn’t cast a rosy glow on the world but they also didn’t make the world appear drab and gloomy as some lenses do, they had that mirrored effect for complete eye-gaze privacy and kept the sun out as you’d expect. As for the attractiveness factor, that is a little subjective. The Salice are a pair of incredibly sporty sunglasses and really need to be worn on a bike, and a fast bike at that. I thought they looked ok on me but did feel a little out-of-place walking down the street in them.

They performed well on the treadmill, with no slipping and no obstruction of my sportband headphones and rather remarkably, given I was running inside, there was no condensation build up on the lens.

The Salice are pretty useful pair of sunglasses and at close to half the price of the Oakleys they are worth considering if you like the professional cyclist look.