FAAS 600S from Puma

I haven’t worn a standard running shoe in years. Nowadays I tend to favour the more extreme ends of the market, oscillating between the uber cushioned Hoka One One to the minimalist Vibram FiveFingers. The closest I come to normal is my current treadmill shoe of choice, the Cloudsurfer On but even these have a gimicky cachet.

In the old days when Asics Gel Kayano was my staple running shoe, I used to look forward to the new shoe high. I could rely on that first, out-of-the-box run to be a highlight of my running year, full of cloud hopping visualisations and moon bounding strides.

Puma Faas 600S running shoeI’m afraid to say, the Puma Faas 600S was an entirely underwhelming shoe. It may smack you in the face with its brassy colours but on the foot it was all a bit too meh. Neither cushioned, flat or minimally stylish it just sapped me of all new shoe joy.

It didn’t help that the fit was a little too snug for me. There is an extra padded strip around the heel which feels like you are being pinched between finger and thumb and while some may enjoy the structured feel, I just felt a bit trussed up and constrained. As Susan Partridge describes in the video, the Puma FAAS 600 are stability shoes, designed specifically for women who should have sleeker and slenderer feet than our male counterparts. I clearly have tomboy feet.

The Puma Faas range of running shoes have a sliding scale of structure and cushioning from the Faas 100 super minimal speed shoes to the Faas 900 aimed at those that seek comfort over speed. The Faas 600 are therefore in the middle ground, light, nippy and with a modicum of cushioning to remove the harsh ground feel so favoured by the barefoot types.

In summary, I think a narrow heeled speed demon with a penchant for bold colours would love these shoes, a more sturdy, back of the pack plodder would do well to hunt out a pair of Hoka One Ones.

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