A Welcome Fruitdrop

A box of fruit was delivered to my desk last week, courtesy of Fruitdrop, a London based company that deliver fruit and milk direct to the workplace.

Fruitdrop office fruit deliveryThe volume and quantity of fruit took me a little by surprise and despite being a big fruit fan I decided I was going to need assistance with the consumption.

I recycled one of the almost daily “cakes in the kitchen” emails and offered my free fruit to the office.

Accountants descended in an excitable flurry, and the bananas and pears and apples and grapes and plums were nabbed in a flash. Within 40 mins the box was down to 2 apples, after a few more minutes a peculiar trade has taken place and we were now down to a plum and badly crushed grape.

Free food has rarely been so popular. I regularly see crusty remains of chocolate cake and croissants that linger well into the next day. There was a genuine excitement about the fruitdrop and a few pleas for me to keep the freebies rolling.

Although I’m unlikely to be able to secure more free deliveries, I will certainly choose a Fruitdrop over the more common but less popular cake giveaway next time I have a work based celebration.

At £20 with delivery, it strikes me as a reasonable charge and would be great for a smaller organisation to provide for their staff. It’s unlikely to be adopted by the NHS but a few people in the office considered organising a regular whip around for more fruitdrops.