Olympic Weightlifting for Beginners

I didn’t really have a clue what the Olympic part meant but I knew about weightlifting and thought a couple of hours instruction by a pro would be fun.

Sally, the instructor stood next to me to demonstrate the main move. She bobbed, leapt and thrusted her way through an extremely powerful move. She slammed her feet into the floor and ended in a deep squat with a barbell above her head.

The SnatchI’d never seen The Snatch before and thought perhaps it was time for me to sidle out backwards and pretend I’d never considered Olympic weightlifting. This did not look like a great sport for a dodgy back.

I didn’t escape. Instead I relaxed into a sequence of demonstrations that were designed to split the flow of The Snatch into manageable components.

Beginners Olympic WeightliftingI dithered a bit in parts. It required coordination and I am lacking in that department but when it came to put the move together it worked remarkably well. I have no idea what I looked like, but it felt like a reasonable approximation to the real move and I felt strong.

The course was just a taster session. 1.5 hours to teach us the fundamentals of the Snatch and the Clean. Now I’m hankering after more and am eagerly awaiting the release of more dates on the full course.

Sally set up Strength Ambassadors and runs two courses:

Olympic Weightlifting for Beginners
Ladies who Lift