Gadget Snobbery

I’m a confessed gadget snob, always chasing the next best thing in the running world (*). In contrast, Lynn is from the make do and mend side of society. I’m a little jealous, it’s the right way to be, but I seem unable to resist the lure of sporty bling.

She has however, caved in to the lure of statistical gadgetry and bought a GPS watch. While I’m lusting after the latest £360 running gadget, Lynn ignored all my advice and went for a bottom of the range Forerunner 10 – the model doesn’t even hit triple digits so it’s got to be duff, surely?

Garmin Forerunner 910XT vs Forerunner 10It arrived, and looked decidedly basic. I had a little play around and sneered as I didn’t require a manual to suss out the screens. Basic with a capital B.

Today we went out for a “round the block” run. Me with my Forerunner 910XT (Triathlete super model), Lynn with her play school style 10. Both gadgets locked onto satellites within seconds, they synchronously beeped at km intervals and at the end of the run we were within 2 metres of total recorded distance.

I sat down, content with a run completed when the cheapo watch let out another chirrup and declared “Fastest Mile achieved”. My watch remained silent on the subject. On further investigation the Forerunner 10 revealed itself to be a mine of personal statistic heaven. There were records of the fastest km, mile, 10k and the longest distance achieved. I flicked through the myriad screens on the 910XT but to no avail – personal statistics were not available.

Of course Lynn’s watch is not multisport enabled – my forerunner was able to tell me that I haven’t swum in about a year and haven’t cycled since I received it last xmas. You can’t get that sort of info on a forerunner 10!

* Should Santa be listening, this is currently the Garmin Forerunner 620 and I’m happy to announce, this model does include personal statistics!