Trying to Resist the Promise of Speed Enhancing Shoes

I’ve had to set the parental controls to block my own access to QVC as I have a tendency to fall prey to a hard sell. In fact, if they pick the right product range I’m a pushover for an extremely soft sell. My particular weaknesses are cleaning products and running gadgets. Cleaning products promise to clean the house for me and running gadgets make me feel as though, one day, I may finish a 5k in under 30 mins. Good money has followed bad and yet I still have dust on the shelves and an ancient 5k PB the wrong side of 33 mins.

Airia One Running ShoeI’ve spotted another experimental running shoe and I’m struggling to resist.

I can see that they would make me look like one of the shoemaker’s elves but they might also increase my running speed. I think the Swedish inventor is claiming a modest 1% improvement and although that won’t take me very much closer to the 30 minute target – every little helps as they say.

The Airia One has been 20 years in the making, which is a phenomenal length of time to spend obsessing about a pair of shoes. It is designed to mimic the motion of a wheel so the foot rolls away in the perfect Pose form. With their strange upturned toes the shoes do look a little like they’ve been carved out of a car tyre but nonetheless I would love to try them out.

The Airia One is currently available for pre-order if you are prepared to back the production.

One thought on “Trying to Resist the Promise of Speed Enhancing Shoes

  1. Ola Badersten

    I have already ordered My pair. I have followed the company for a while and they will delgiver results as promised. They also have a very long tradition in shoe making and done very serious clinical tests to prove their results.


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