Janathon Day 1 Running on Fumes

I always kick Janathon off with a post-midnight run. I enjoy the cool night breeze and the fusty haze from thousands of celebratory fireworks and the smug satisfaction as I publish my Day 1 Janathon post before going to bed.


Last night, as I wobbled away from the party at 3am, barely managing to tie the laces on my Hoka running shoes I was not particularly impressed with my plan. The teenagers were intent on beating me home though and as they’d grabbed themselves a head start I had no option but to run.

It wasn’t my best running performance. I forgot about style and substance and zig zagged up the street in a manner not immediately recognisable as running.

When I spotted the teenagers missing the turn off for a substantial shortcut home, I was imbibed with new vigour and endeavoured to run both faster and straighter. I cut them off only yards from the front door, shoved one of them into our neighbours garden and proudly declared myself the winner as I collapsed on the doorstep to let my brain spin freely.


With the exercise part of Janathon completed, I just needed to blog about my sporting prowess. I posted a couple of preliminary tweets, which required far more concentration than I could muster and one eyed squinting to detect typos. Even when I recognised errors I couldn’t control my finger well enough to correct them. It seemed that this was not a year for blogging before sleeping and I would miss the title of First Janathon Blogger 2014. I think that award goes to NotMuchOfARunner with his Janathon tips post which made it onto twitter at a rather tardy 0:26 hours.


As for the other element of my JanathonExperimentation where I’m supposed to be sticking to the Slow Carb diet of 4 Hour Body fame, I’m afraid I have suffered a slight derailment. I’ve started my slow carb experiment with the cheat day at Day 1. Not quite in the spirit of things but my body has required sustained carb loading to dilute the poisons from last night. My egg and pulse diet starts tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Janathon Day 1 Running on Fumes

  1. Hels

    Hahaha! Can’t stop laughing at the idea of pushing a teenager into a garden. Brilliant. Bonus points for that, I reckon.

  2. Sarah Passey

    Haha, this has made me laugh! Reminds me of my walk home last Jan 1 when my son had to guide me (he’s 8, not 18!). I was rather more coherent this year and managed a full 2 miles in the rain at 4pm 🙂

  3. Fitflo

    LOL love that you beat the teenagers then pushed then in the garden – my kinda woman!

  4. Cheeta

    Pure genius! I could just picture your battle home and the flailing arms of the teenager disappearing into the neighbours shrubbery. I think your first day is going to be hard to beat 😛

  5. Cassie

    Shoving the teenager into the garden has just made me cackle! Well done for keeping up your Janathon tradition (of running at midnight, not shoving teenagers) (I assume…)

  6. Ramsons & Bramble

    I am in full awe of your energy! Slumping into bed in my dress was about the most energetic thing I could do after that raucous party!

  7. Jessica

    Haha! Love it!! Just got into blogging and you’re the first one I want to follow 🙂

    So much fun in your posts!

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