An Icy Thrill

I’ve written off three pairs of shoes in the last month and have come perilously close to not having the right shoe for the job since then.

20140112-232438.jpgToday’s run on Mitcham Common was crying out for a hardcore trail shoe that could spit in the face of mud and other soggy park crud. Fortunately I took delivery of a replacement pair of Inov8 Roclites yesterday and they sounded like they could cope with all Mitcham had to throw at them.

It was a lovely run, with our efforts exhaled like misty clouds against the bleak common. We ran on, crunching through the frosty grass and cracking through frozen puddles, trying to avoid turning our ankles on frozen clods.

20140112-232453.jpgThe far end of the common must have seen more than its fair share of sun as the ground turned soft and then wet and then gave way to a faux river. I love splashing around, so ran straight through, enjoying the thrill of icy water between my toes while Lynn held back. She seemed to be intimating that there was no way she was going to continue but I’d gone on and could no longer hear her complaints.

20140112-232503.jpgAfter some lengthy consideration, which I like to think was accompanied by rhythmic clapping, she began the run up for a rather impressive triple jump. She hop, skipped and darn near flew over the soggy obstacle and we were on for lap two.

I love winter running.

It doesn’t half play havoc with your shiny new shoes though.

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