Quorn Lasagne

With two teenagers in the house, meal times often become complicated. One does not cope well with one-pot amalgams which are my fall back staple and the other is a VEGETARIAN!

It is not unusual to have three different dishes on the go and I’m afraid the vegetarian often suffers from my lack of imagination and gets a Linda McCartney fakey on her plate alongside a floret of broccoli and a bit of carrot – the only two vegetables she’ll contemplate eating.

Quorn sent me through a few sample products recently and I have to say the Quorn mince is an absolute winner. It’s a healthy protein source and can form the basis of a tasty meal without the heavy, greasyness that beef mince can add to a meal.

It is tasty and meaty enough, in a better than meat sort of way, to be acceptable to everyone in the house.

We had the in laws around this weekend and they added “not fond of red meat” to the list of food requirements. With the Quorn mince at the ready I was able to knock up a pretty darn tasty lasagne that suited everyone’s tastes and it was quite a joy to have everyone around the table enjoying the same dish.

Quorn Lasagne Recipe

Quorn Lasagne PreparationHere’s the bulk of the ingredients I gathered for the vegetarian Quorn Lasagne.

  • Onions x 3
  • Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Quorn
  • Marmite (1 tsp)
  • Splash of Worcestershire Sauce (I hope this is vegetarian)
  • Passata
  • Tomatoes fresh
  • Tomatoes tinned
  • Oregano
  • Tomato purée
  • Sun dried tomatoes x 4ish


The carrots are an optional extra but I use them to bulk out the mixture and to sneak a few hidden vegetables into the teenagers.

Chop and fry the onions and then garlic. Add in the carrots and fresh toms before chucking in all the wetter ingredients. Add a teaspoon of marmite and dash of Worcestershire sauce for the umami hit and then simmer for approx one hour while you faff with the cheese sauce.

Delia's White SauceI always revert to Delia for my white sauce but I do add a bit of cheese for taste. (I didn’t get to be this weight by cooking cheese-less sauce!). I also made extra by doubling up on the quantities so I’d be sure to have enough for 2 generous lasagnes.

I ended up with quite a lot left in the pan though, so if you can cope with a 1.5 x calculation I’d recommend you go with it. It was my intention to go with 1.5 x Delias recipe but I messed up when measuring the flour and you really don’t want to make a cheese sauce with too much flour – always go for less rather than more flour or else it will taste disgusting.

Next its time for the layering.

Quorn Lasagne

Start with a layer of ragu, followed by cheese sauce then the lasagne sheets. You want to aim for three layers of pasta sheets, finally topped with white sauce and a sprinkle of cheese.

The three layers ensures that the cooked lasagne has a bit of rigidity and doesn’t serve up like a dollop of Bolognaise sauce. I got it perfect for one dish but the second was too shallow to cope with a full 3 layers and I felt cheated at dinner time when I was served from the sloppy tray!

Sizzling Quorn LasagneHaving prepared this at the crack dawn, I then went out for a very long walk. Leaving instructions for the oven to be switched on about an hour before my estimated arrival and was very glad to arrive home shattered but rewarded by a lovely sizzling feast.

Quorn samples have been doing the rounds of the running blogger world and here’s a few of the other Quorn recipes I’ve spotted:

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  1. JogBlog

    “Splash of Worcestershire Sauce (I hope this is vegetarian)”

    Oops, no, it’s not – it’s got anchovies in it!

  2. Rosanna

    You can buy ‘veggie’ Worcestershire Sauce from a good health food shop 🙂

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