No Sports Bra, No Sport and The Energising Purple Bra

No Bra No Sports

Berlei contacted me recently offering me a bra to review as part of their No Sports Bra, No Sports campaign. I have the sort of build that means partaking in sport, particularly a running sport, without the assistance of a serious boob controlling device is a no brainier. Unfortunately Berlei don’t produce a bra in my size so perhaps I should give up sports?

Berlei Crop TopMy loss was the teenagers gain. She received the donated bra and at last has a proper sports bra to run in.

It is a lovely quality bra with some nice details. The rear clasps are hidden behind a stretch fabric covering which means the bra looks good enough to wear as a top without looking half dressed. Its very soft as well so shouldn’t rub excessively.

While Berlei don’t produce sports bras for the larger boob, Shock Absorber support women in action all the way up to HH cup.

I was sent a Purple Ultimate Bra to try out. The purple colour supposedly has energising properties for women.

Energising Purple

Ultimate Run braI’m not sure if it can energise the wearer from underneath a t-shirt so I considered going topless. But not for long.

I already run in Shock Absorber bras but this is the first requiring external assistance. There seems to be a recent trend for two-person sports bras. Maybe following the adage, No Partner, No Sports Bra.

Lynn runs in this model and has a particularly troublesome time with it, especially at a BMF session. She’s constantly requiring assistance as either the top impossible clasp has snapped open or the adjustable straps have slid off their guides and its a tricky task trying to reassemble the myriad straps under cover of a t-shirt while being yelled at by military personnel.

Ultimate Run Bra - RearMy new purple bra has a slightly different design to the one pictured, with 3 connectors running up the back and the standard variety of adjustable strap. Its the same Ultimate Run model so it might be that the design changes slightly as you move up sizes. I’m quite happy with my design – once I’m in it, there is very little risk of anything coming undone which is a bonus not to be sniffed at.

It doesn’t eradicate all bounce but is extremely comfortable.

If you are quick, SportPursuit have a few days left on a Shock Absorber sale offering 40% off the Ultimate Run bra.

3 thoughts on “No Sports Bra, No Sport and The Energising Purple Bra

  1. Alice

    Thanks for this! I’m always on the look out for new bras for the more well-endowed – I have and have always had a shock absorber. I think it’s good but I don’t really have anything else to compare it to!

  2. JogBlog

    I have to put my sports bras on like a crop top – leave them done up and them pull them over my head. I’m sure it’s not good for the bras but it’s the only way I can get them on! I wore the purple and lime one the other day with my purple and lime running shoes.

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    I’ve tried a few but have now settled with either Enell or Shock Absorber. The Enell is like a firm embrace and can feel a little constrictive. The Shock Absorber is much more bra like and avoids the dreaded mono-boob.

    Jogblog – I don’t think I’m nimble enough to put mine on like a crop top.

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