Office Space Race

I haven’t been exercising much recently, in fact I managed to lurch from the Autumn Wolf run to the Winter Wolf run with only 4 training sessions between the two seasons. If I let that sort of lackadaisical attitude continue I’ll have to stop calling myself a running blogger.

FlexiofficeWith that in mind I’ve been thinking about resurrecting the running commute. It’s the perfect way to sneak in exercise without having to commit too much additional time. It is however, a logistical nightmare and extremely difficult to look cool, calm and professional at the work end when you drag a crumpled shirt and packet of wet wipes out of a sweaty rucksac. Flexioffices contacted me last week to let me know about the #OfficeSpaceRace, a short run route designed to be completed in your lunch break.

Lunch break running has got to be the perfect alternative to the running commute and the midday blast of fresh air and energy offers so many performance enhancements. I rarely take a break at lunchtime but when I do it really improves my mood and the midday run adds to my ability to concentrate.

Soreditch Street ArtThis OfficeSpaceRace involved joining a series of flexioffice buildings in Shoreditch, creating a manageable 1.5m route ideal for sprint or interval training.

It’s not quite as scenic as running alongside the Thames but Shoreditch has its own unique appeal in the form of street art and impressive architecture. The streets are pretty wide too which is a huge bonus if you hope to be able to run in a straight line during the lunch break.


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