Anita Extreme Sports Bra

For obvious reasons I am a big fan of companies that produce clothes for the larger sportswoman. Nike have recently launched a plus size range of clobber that I am overjoyed with and Anita have been making bras in a wide range of sizes for ages. 

Anita sent me a sample of their extreme control sports bra to test recently and so I’ve put it through its paces so you don’t have to. 

This is a soft bra without underwire which is a bonus for weight training as there is no risk of being skewered in the armpit when you reach depth in the squat. 

The disadvantage of a non-wired bra is the mono-boob, which I am modelling for you here. No discernable cleavage, just a shelf. 

Deep squat without underwire

It’s billed as an extreme control bra and did fair well at more dynamic crossfit sessions. It’s hard to challenge a bra more than skipping, running and burpees and in all cases the bra functioned well. 

All in all, it’s proved to be comfortable and is still my go to bra when exercising. However, I can regularly be spotted rearranging myself due to the mono-boob effect and don’t tend to hang around in it long after my training for the same reason. 

3 thoughts on “Anita Extreme Sports Bra

  1. Paul

    I obviously can’t comment on the bra (haha) but I just wanted to say how cool your outside gym is! Keep up the great work.

  2. Amy

    Hiya Angela, my Hubby (above) has been telling me all about your outside gym – I thought it was about time I popped over to your blog to say hello and take a look, haha. Awesome work, I may be convinced to put something in our garden!

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